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1Am I guaranteed a scholarship by joining SOS Athlete?
No. This is due to the NCAA rules which prohibits any company or individual from guaranteeing a scholarship to a student athlete. NCAA rule ‘Talent Evaluation Services & Agents’
2Am I good enough to be a student athlete?
There are thousands of opportunities to compete as a student athlete so there’s a chance you may be good enough to get one of them. College coaches look for potential student-athletes who are strong in athletics and academics.
3Do I get a refund if SOS Athlete fail to provide me with the scholarship offer i wanted?
Our role is to pre-qualify your chances of receiving a sports scholarship, then guide you through the entire process with a suitable school. We are not permitted to charge a fee for our service based on placing prospects at universities with stitable sports scholarships. As a result, a refund would not be provided where scholarship offers were deemed 'unsuitable'. NCAA rule ‘Talent Evaluation Services & Agents’
4Are SOS Athlete Sports Agents?
No we are not. Having a professional agent is against the NCAA rules and could make you ineligible to compete as a student athlete. NCAA rule 12.3.1 ‘Use of Agents’
5How long does my sport scholarship last?
Sports scholarships are given on a yearly basis. Many athletes and their families make the mistake of believing that athletic scholarships last all four years of college, but that's not true. It means that they award you financial aid one year at a time. At the end of each year, scholarships are renewed by the coach and athletic department, provided that you remain eligible throughout the year.


1What is the SAT?
The SAT test (Scholastic Assessment Test), is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. All student athletes from all countries must take the SAT or the alternative ACT. The SAT consist of a four hour long test involving Evidence-based reading (English), Math and Writing.
2Can I change my major during my time at college?
Yes, you can. Depending on how many credits/semesters you have completed you still have the flexibility to change your major without losing progress towards your degree. Usually this is something you can do during your freshman/sophomore year of college.
3Can I use my college credits towards university back at home?
Yes you can, but bear in mind that the college credits needs to be within the same direction of studies as you plan to go back home. If you transfer back to a University back home after a year, your General Education classes from college most likely won’t be transferred, as they don’t correlate with the requirements for the degree back home.


1Are there many fans watching games?
This depends on the school, the division and the sport you're playing in. According to the 2017 attendance data provided by the NCAA, D1 school University of Connecticut had an average home game attendance of 3,502. http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/m_soccer_RB/2018/2017attend.pdf

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